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e-conservation magazine started back in 2007 as an innovative project to cover the lack of  conservation publications freely available on the internet. Focused on conservation and cultural heritage, it was published five times per year reaching 23 issues so far. In these past years, we were able to disseminate free knowledge to the conservation world by publishing more than 80 articles and dozens of case studies and conference reviews among our sections. The magazine always offered peer-reviewed articles in order to meet the high standards of its readers.

The publication of e-conservation is only possible due to the group effort of our volunteers, who, along with their daily jobs have continuously donated their free time and expertise to provide the best publishing experience. Without them, the magazine would not exist and they are greatly acknowledged and appreciated.

In 2012 e-conservation starts a new phase and will go through some important changes. Perhaps the most significant is that from now on the magazine will be published bi-annually, always in March and September of each year. This new periodicity will allow us more time to prepare it and thus it will add value both to its content and its quality. Issues will offer more content and diversity than before in the same formats you already got used to – pdf and html versions. As a consequence, part of the information we regularly provide, such as news, announcements, events and much more, will be taken over by our website and presented to you in a more updated and interactive manner.

Another major change is that the domain of our website will change its actual name from “” into the more simple and user-friendly “”. This new domain was recently donated to us by Greek conservator Panagiotis Galatis to whom we wish to thank for his kind support. This change will allow us to reorganize the entire website which will be reformulated and enhanced for a more actual and interactive user experience.

Given the magnitude of these changes, we intend to implement them in different stages over the year. We hope to do it smoothly and without causing problems to our authors, readers and visitors of the website. In case you would like to participate in the makeover of the magazine with ideas or suggestions please contact us at or comment this below.

Thank you for your continuous support!

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