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Tuesday, 30 April 2013



Issue No. 25, Spring 2012 of e-conservation

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Editorial: On Innovation in Conservation

By Rui Bordalo

Fifteen years ago when I was studying conservation at university one of the things I enjoyed most was to discover new gadgets and gizmos and figure out how they could be useful in my work. I used to anxiously search catalogues of equipment...         
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Paper Conservation in the Far North: A Project Summary from Alaska

By Seth Irwin

SethIrwin.jpgThis paper will explain how a 14-month paper conservation project functioned, as well as discussing the methods of conducting treatments in the most remote of conditions. The state has some of the oldest paper artifacts in the United States, and houses many archives and collections depicting Alaskan history...



The Resurrection of Nam June Paik’s Video Flag Z
By Mark Gilberg, Silviu Boariu, Steve Colton, John Hirx and Jeff Ono


In 1986 LACMA acquired Nam June Paik's Video Flag Z, a time-based media artwork consisting of 84 television monitors. Video Flag Z was operated almost continuously until the late 1980s when the original Quasar television sets developed a range of technical problems. Finally in 2000, the lack of spare parts rendered....




Conservation of Wallpapers from St Pancras Chambers
By Lynda Skipper

The renovation of St Pancras Chambers (Midland Grand Hotel) in London provided an excellent opportunity for in-depth research into the wallpapers used in decorating this historic building. During the restoration project, many wallpapers were uncovered from previously hidden areas, in addition to other papers that were still on view....


Rethinking Vandalism: Alternative Interpretations of Deliberate Destruction of Cultural Heritage
By Dimitrios Chatzigiannis


The deliberate destruction of cultural heritage constitutes a common phenomenon throughout history. In this paper, different aspects of destruction are described and discussed. It is argued that the perception and the interpretation of an act of deliberate destruction are influenced by basic values...




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